Latest News And Updates :

Our big X-mas Holiday sale has begun - 1/3 off EVERYTHING !! Head over to the WebShop and get yourself a deal. :)

Special offer @ Get 'Wireless' free with the Bio-Mechanic Beats bundle, and get 'Wireless 2' free with the Kunundrum bundle !

September 21st - SH4RP for the ever amazing U-He Zebra V2.7 softsynth is now available in the WebShop ! Over 200 new patches, all with arp variations and modwheel & all 4 X/Y pad assigments. Check the demos out and grab the try-before-you-buy freebee pack.

September 7th - Last day for the 10% off sale. And be sure to grab the free patches in the Webshop. Just click to download some free Zebra, Saurus, Firebird+ and Line 6 POD Farm / Gearbox presets to try-before-you-buy, no sign up required.

August 19th - The WebShop is *live*, and the 'Wireless 1&2 Bundle' is released.

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